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Why Downtown Oshkosh?

Downtown Oshkosh is a great place to live, work and play. Local business owners agree downtown Oshkosh is good for business and good for their future.

Business Resources

New Business Guide

Business Resources Downtown Oshkosh

Opening a Small Business

Do you want to open up a small business but aren’t sure where to start? Have a SCORE representative help you today! SCORE is a nonprofit association dedicated to helping small businesses get off the ground, grow and achieve their goals through education and mentorship. SCORE is a volunteer group of retired men and women who provide small business assistance through free one-on-one counseling.

If you are interested in receiving assistance from SCORE, set up an appointment today.

Starting A Business In An Existing Building

If you are looking to sign a lease, buy a building, or start work on your business, you may need to work with certain city departments.

Follow this guide to learn who you should contact at the City of Oshkosh.

If you have any questions about starting a business in downtown Oshkosh, please contact Kelly Nieforth, City of Oshkosh Economic Development Specialist at (920) 236-5045.

Financial Assistance Applications

Business Resources Downtown Oshkosh

Recruitment Fund Grant

The Downtown Oshkosh Business District flows with rich heritage and economic opportunities for entrepreneurs. The BID invites you to explore financial assistance offered to qualifying business applicants. To further promote our diverse downtown environment, we are excited to offer the Downtown Oshkosh Business Improvement District Recruitment Fund Grant (RFG).

This grant offers financial assistance to new business ventures or relocating establishments. The downtown environment has grown over time, and we are happy to support our progress in any way possible. The RFG program awards up to $5,000 to individual businesses to assist with relocation to the BID, or fund an expansion project for a business currently located within the BID district. The mission of the funds is to:

  • Stimulate commercial growth and expansion.
  • Diversify the Business Improvement District’s economic base.
  • Attract financially and managerially responsible new business and capital.
  • Support start-ups and new venture businesses to enhance the entrepreneurial climate.
  • Assist in targeted recruitment efforts to prospective businesses.
  • Stimulate private sector investment to long-lived physical plant and equipment to increase productivity, create new employment opportunities and increase the tax base.
  • Assist in the overall goal of the downtown revitalization process and enhance the architectural identity found within the district.


Are you thinking about relocating your business to the downtown Oshkosh area? Over the last several years, we’ve invested in infrastructure, developed a new unified brand identity and created a community-centered series of events that regularly draw in the public. We are also continually updating and improving our unique downtown. Click here to view a map of the BID district to find out if your location qualifies for the Recruitment Fund Grant. Better yet, we invite you to come to downtown Oshkosh and explore all we have to offer. We think you will be pleasantly surprised!

Past Successes

From 2003 to 2015, 50 businesses received financial assistance through the RFG program. The grant has leveraged more than $4.3 million dollars in private investment. We’ve distributed more than $250,000 creating and retaining more than 350 career and job opportunities in our downtown environment.


Think your business would make an excellent addition to our downtown environment? We encourage you to view our RFG brochure, or download our application today. Invest in downtown Oshkosh; invest in your business!

Apply here

Retention Grant Program

The Downtown Business Improvement District established the Retention Grant Program. The grant may be utilized alone, in conjunction with the Oshkosh Area Economic Development Corporation Revolving Loan Fund (if requirements are met), or with any other private financing. The Retention Grant cannot be used in conjunction with the Recruitment Fund Grant. If any business has been granted money from the Recruitment Fund Grant, they must wait two years (the span of the grant) until they can apply for the Retention Grant.


  • Improve the business climate in downtown Oshkosh.
  • Implement minimum standards to enhance the architectural identity found within this district.
  • Improve the front and rear facades and building conditions of existing businesses within the Business Improvement District in downtown Oshkosh.
  • Enhance the quality of life in the downtown Oshkosh area.
  • Encourage the development and maintenance of the buildings within the Business Improvement District.
  • Aid in improving the overall economic viability of the district.

Eligible Applicants

The Retention Grant program is available to any downtown Oshkosh property owner located within the Business Improvement District boundaries. The program is also available to tenants of such buildings given the property owner’s written consent. Eligible applicants must be open for a minimum of three months and provide a signed lease of two years.

Eligible Activities

  • Exterior facade renovations, including paint, windows and doors
  • Signage
  • Awnings
  • Structural exterior repair, including brick work
  • Exterior lighting 


Interested in applying for the Retention Grant program? Please review our brochure and download our application to apply. Grants are awarded to eligible applicants on a first come first serve basis while funds are still available. Don’t delay, apply today!

Apply here

Mural Grant Program

The Mural Grant Program has been established by the Downtown Oshkosh Business Improvement District (BID) and may be utilized alone, or in conjunction with the Oshkosh Area Economic Development Corporation Downtown Impact Fund, Oshkosh Convention & Visitors Bureau, and/or with any other private financing.


The purpose of the mural grant program is to encourage exterior artwork that contributes to the beautification and economic vitality of the Downtown Oshkosh BID.

Eligible Applicants

The Mural Grant Program is available to any Downtown Oshkosh property, lying within the Business Improvement District boundaries. All projects must have written consent of the property owner.

Eligible Projects

  • Painted mural on exterior wall
  • Mural Canvas, tile, or other material affixed to exterior wall


Interested in adding a mural to your building? Please review the City of Oshkosh Mural Ordinance, and complete the City of Oshkosh Mural Application before applying for the grant. After your mural application is approved, you may apply for the Mural Grant Program as long as your mural is being placed within the BID boundaries.

Apply here

**BID Map

Before applying for any of our offered grant programs, please make sure your business is located within the boundaries of the Business Improvement District. The area is indicated on this map by the green and black dotted line.

For more information, please contact us at (920) 303-2265 ext. 11 or

Revolving Loan Fund

Looking for another kind of assistance? The Oshkosh Area Economic Development Corporation (OAEDC) offers the Revolving Loan Fund (RLF) for those who are looking to locate their business within the Business Improvement District, but who fall outside this area.

The RLF promotes local economic development in the Oshkosh area, with an emphasis on the central business district. The fund is designed to promote and foster entrepreneurial expansion, as well as expansion and retention of the workforce and business opportunities in the Oshkosh area.

Through the RLF, the OAEDC provides loans of up to $25,000 on favorable terms tailored to meet the needs of qualified borrowers for eligible projects that are matched by a qualified lender loan.

For more information about the Oshkosh Area Economic Development Corporation’s Revolving Loan Fund, please contact Rob Kleman at (920) 303-2265 ext. 14 or

Apply here

Free BID Gift Card Program For Businesses

Business Resources Downtown Oshkosh

The Downtown Oshkosh Business Improvement District offers a gift card program exclusively for the downtown environment! We believe this is the perfect opportunity to allow the downtown area to continue to thrive by offering a program that fits all your shopping and entertainment needs.

Downtown gift cards can be purchased in any amount and redeemed at any participating business within the greater downtown area. Users will have the freedom to redeem just a fraction of the card value, or the full card value at any participating establishment.

The gift card program offers maximum flexibility with more choices than any other gift card on the market. The downtown Oshkosh gift card program is accepted by more than 50 businesses located in the downtown area.

Available Properties

Business Resources Downtown Oshkosh

Are you interested in locating your business downtown?

Take a look at the available office and retail spaces located within the Business Improvement District. If you would like more information on a property, please contact the building owner/broker directly.

224 State St.
For Sale
Robert James: 212-972-3947
41,000 sq. ft

582 N. Main St.
For Sale; Available Now
13,747 square feet
Alex Oberthaler: (920) 903-9031
More Information

21 Waugoo Ave.
For Lease
Sandy Prunty: (920) 573-1126
More Information

139/141 High Ave.
For Sale
Century 21: Ryan Hawkins (920) 378-6555 
More Information

100 N. Main St.
For Lease
$1,099-1,570 per month
Rosie Roberts: (262) 754-0604 ext. 37 or
More Information

210 N. Main St.
For Sale ($340,000) or Lease ($12.50 per square foot plus utilities)
Gary Eake: (920) 420-1304 or
Check out the video here
More Information

217 N. Main St.
For Sale or Lease
52,260 square feet
Paul Peterson: (920) 517-3905 or (920) 230-2620 or
More Information

438-440 N. Main St.
For Lease
4,200 square feet
Alexander & Bishop Real Estate
Peter Jungbacker: (920) 233-7219 ext. 24

404 N. Main St.
For Lease/Variety of Suites
Starting at $12.50 sq. ft.
Steve Hoopman: (920) 216-1083 or

City Center Executive Suites
For Lease
$11.50-13.50 per square foot
Jessica Felker: (920) 233-5050 or
More Information

428 N. Main St.
For Lease
$1075 per month
Black Teak: (920) 230-8325 or
More Information

300 State St.
Retail or Office
For Lease
$950 per month (includes heat and water)
Priscilla Kieckhaser: (920) 235-7539

Click here for more property listings.

To add your property listing to our website, please email

Marketing Consortium


The Marketing Consortium is a group of volunteer business owners and downtown activists committed to goodwill community partnerships, working for the greater good of our downtown. We accomplish this through effective promotions and specialized events, which draw consumers to our downtown.

Marketing Consortium Facts

  • The Marketing Consortium is a committee focused on marketing and event planning for downtown Oshkosh.
  • Membership dues are $35 per year for BID district businesses, $60 per year for businesses that fall outside of the BID district.
  • The Marketing Consortium originated as a small group in 2006, and has since grown to more than 50 active members.

What the Marketing Consortium Offers

  • Monthly meetings providing educational sessions, networking opportunities, and discussions about downtown event ideas and other issues
  • Membership input on Marketing Consortium agenda items
  • Advertising and promotional opportunities for your business
  • Awareness of services and products available in downtown Oshkosh

Marketing Consortium Meetings

Meetings are held the second Wednesday of every month at 8:15 a.m. Click here for the 2019 meeting location list.

Contact Information

For more information, please contact Cassie Daniels, Downtown Oshkosh BID Manager at (920) 303-2265, ext. 11 or email

Business Announcements

Business Resources Downtown Oshkosh

BID Business Monthly Updates

Sept. 26, 2019 Update


Not located in the Business Improvement District Boundaries, but want to be included in various marketing and program initiatives? 
Check out our Partner Program

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