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The Mini Mural Project

The Downtown Mini Mural Project features artwork of 20 talented local artist on the exterior walls of buildings and businesses throughout Downtown Oshkosh.

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Grow with the Flow by Molly Z. – 219 State St

Molly Z, the artist for this mural, is based out of Chicago and has an eye for large-scale art. The mural is located off a parking lot at 219 Sate Street, which offers ample room to take amazing pictures.


Emma Daisy Mural – 440 N Main St. 

A 128 foot long mural, painted by artist Emma Daisy Gertel, helps to brighten and bring the Downtown Oshkosh area to life. You can find this mural in the back of dozens of Farmers Market photos as it is located in the heart of the market hustle.


Fairylane – 525 N Main St

Fairylane was installed by Art City Wraps with illuminating string lights above the path. At the end of the lane there is a set of beautiful Fairy Wings done by local artist Skye Seaborn.


Leif Larson Mural – 401 N Main St

This mural, done by.. you guessed it, Leif Larson, is located at 401 N Main Street on the side of New Moon Cafe, right across from Opera House Square. This mural incorporates the growing music scene in Oshkosh and adds beautiful color to the downtown area. 


Greetings Tour Mural – 571 N Main Street

The traveling artist duo, Victor Ving and Lisa Beggs along with a team of local artists, collaborated to bring the Greeting Mural to life. Located on the side of The Roxy at 571 N Main Street. Check out the link below for insider details on the mural.

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Algoma Alley – 110 Algoma Blvd

Check out featured art pieces in the alley from local artist: Carrie Olson (Oshkosh), Tina Poulos (Oshkosh), Sophie Pedroni (Oshkosh), Lauren Chriske (Oshkosh), Emily Willey (Oshkosh), Eliana Briones (Oshkosh), Laura Schley (Oshkosh), Drew York (Milwaukee), Andrew Linskens (Green Bay).

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Chief Oshkosh Mural – 103 High Ave

This original mural, located at 103 High Ave, displays Oshkosh’s fascinating history and has vibrant colors that can be seen from afar.