Downtown Beautification and Curb Appeal Programs


In an additional effort to make our downtown appealing to both visitors and residents of our city, the Downtown Oshkosh BID has compiled all of the information you might need to beautify your business in Downtown Oshkosh along with information on the BID Beautification Grant Program.


  • Sandwich Board Signage
  • Sidewalk Cafés
  • Beautification Grant Program
  • Public Murals & BID Mural Grant Program

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Sandwich board signs are double-sided signs constructed to form an A-like shape. Sandwich board signs can help inform customers and pedestrians of what’s inside a business, discounts or offerings and more. Sandwich boards are permitted for businesses with adequate street frontage.

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Sidewalk cafés are allowed on North Main St where a proposed sidewalk café allows at least 4ft of clearance for pedestrians. Sidewalk cafés bring new life to the street – encouraging more pedestrian use, increasing business visibility and curb appeal and creating a lively environment people want to be.

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The Beautification Grant Program has been established by the Downtown Oshkosh BID and was created to improve the business climate downtown, implement minimum standards to enhance the architectural identify found within the district, improve front and rear facades and building conditions and encourage curb appeal throughout the district. Property owners and business tenants within the BID are eligible for up to $1000 in matching grant funds for exterior facade and curb appeal improvements.

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The Downtown BID recognizes the importance of public art in the central city district. Public art is important for tourism, economic development and creating a sense of community within our city. Businesses within the BID are encouraged to apply for the BID Mural Grant Program and some properties may be selected as a potential location for the BID’s annual mural project.

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Sandwich Board Signage Sidewalk Cafés Beautification Grant Program Public Murals