Is Downtown Oshkosh Haunted?

By: Jenn Kalchik

Oshkosh is no stranger to the eerie and unexplained. The history of Oshkosh goes back even further from 1836, when Oshkosh was ceded to the United States government. Because of its long history, it would make sense that there are things that cannot be explained. Whether or not you believe in the supernatural, it can be interesting to read about haunted locations and learn about the history of them. Check out these alleged haunted locations in downtown Oshkosh.


Grand Opera House

If you’re looking for entertainment from the living, and possibly the dead, look no further than the Grand Opera House. Located on 100 High Ave, the Grand Opera House first opened their doors in 1883. Because of its long history, it’s no surprise there are supernatural stories tied to the theatre. There might even be ghosts sitting in the audience watching a performance! Performers have heard spooky sounds like doors slamming and footsteps from the balcony area stairs. It’s rumored that Percy Keene, a former stage manager at the Opera House, and a dog may be the spirits that haunt the Opera House. You may even see an eerie orange mist floating onstage. To add to the supernatural lure of the Opera House, they are currently selling “ghost seats” to help with social distancing efforts during the pandemic. 


New Moon Cafe

You’re more likely to experience a paranormal encounter than an extraterrestrial one at New Moon Cafe. Previously known as the Beckwith House, the hotel suffered a terrible fire in 1880 that took several lives. The building’s exterior hasn’t changed much, and some guests of the former hotel haven’t exactly “checked out” from the land of the living. New Moon employees report paranormal activities coming from the kitchen area; the apparition of a young man dressed as a bellboy and an eldery woman believed to have been a guest named Mrs. Paige that perished in the fire.


Oshkosh Northwestern

Extra! Extra! Read all about it! The Oshkosh Northwestern is also rumored to be haunted. The building was registered on the National Register of Historic Places on May 13th, 1982, as an example of its architecture from the 1930s. There aren’t many stories regarding paranormal activity in the building, however, the staff of the Oshkosh Northwestern hired a team of paranormal researchers to investigate the building. When the team was there, they recorded some signs of a ghost trying to speak, and using not-so-friendly language. There were also reports of electrical spikes and cold areas in the basement, where there would be no reason to exist there. Others that have been in the basement of the building report getting sudden headaches or signs of paranoia. 

Did we miss a haunted location in downtown Oshkosh? Let us know in the comments! And if you choose to visit these haunted locations, make sure you’re not trespassing and you respect the property. And don’t encourage unwanted spirits to inhabit these places by bringing a ouija board.

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