The Time Theater

Rex Theatre, Oshkosh, circa 1913, – Courtesy of the Oshkosh Public Museum FP2003.20.1017     

Photographic postcard of the front of the Rex Theatre, Oshkosh, Wisconsin. Possibly A. H. Gray, proprietor of the Rex in 1912. The film “Jess” is playing. A film by this title was released in 1912 and another version in 1914.

In 1910, 171 Main St, was the home of the Superba Theater, but by 1912 it was renamed the “REX” with A. H. Gray the proprietor. The theater was completely remodeled in 1938 and reopened on September 16, in 1939 the name was changed to the Time Theater and operated under that name until the early 1980’s when it closed.

Look to the east! The Time Community Theater is located across N Main Street at 445 N Main Street! The Time Community Theater is a volunteer-based, non-profit theater established to provide an affordable venue for the arts that contributes to the revitalization of Downtown Oshkosh.

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