The Oshkosh Police Department

Oshkosh Police Department 1919. View four members of the Oshkosh Police Department on State STreet, The police station was located in the lower level of City Hall with an entrance on State. An ambulance with driver is at left and three motorcycles patrolmen are at right. George O’Conner is the man at extreme right and Claude Edmonds is on the motorcycle at left.

Oshkosh Police Department 1885. Exterior view of the Oshkosh City building on the corner of Algoma and Bond and twelve members of the Oshkosh Police Department standing in front. All are wearing uniforms with badges and high crown bowler hats with wreaths and their badge numbers. An inscription on back reads, “Joey Burster”, who was on the force in 1885 and is the officer standing in the second row, 2nd from left. Other members of the force found in the Oshkosh City Directory for 1884-1885 are: Chief Jacob B. Raga; Samuel F. Cuts; Daniel Lynch; William Hogan; and Cornelius McCusker.

Information and images of the Oshkosh Police Department have been provided courtesy of the Oshkosh Public Museum.

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