Oshkosh Beer & Breweries


The first two breweries were established in Oshkosh in 1849. Since the start, hop farms started springing up in and around Oshkosh. In 1856 The Fifth Ward Brewery was launched (you can find a new brewery that took the name of the historic Fifth Ward Brewery located at 1009 S. Main St). At that time, you could receive a 12-pack of bottled beer for $1.20. In effort to out compete the breweries in Wisconsin’s largest city, Milwaukee, 3 of the 5 breweries in Oshkosh combined to form the Oshkosh Brewing Company in 1894.

These breweries started it all and beer culture still thrives in Oshkosh – you can even find 3 craft breweries located in Oshkosh today! Find out more about current breweries here.

Learn all about the history of Oshkosh beer here.

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